Jessica Pratt

Imbued with the kind of warmth found in a cup of tea on a dreary day, Jessica Pratt’s nimble voice is enchanting as it is peculiar. On Quiet Signs, her latest record, Pratt continues to deliver the hushed melodies that colored her debut, On Your Own Love Again.

The faintly-strummed and spare acoustic guitar anchors her evocations, providing a comfort that manages to probe into the unknown. Songs like standout single “This Time Around” feel oddly familiar, like blowing off the dust of an old keepsake stowed in the attic, hidden away from the elements. Pratt seems unfazed by the realms outside — why bother becoming tethered to the world’s toils when you create your own lucid vision?

And with light synths throughout the record — a new template for the California songwriter — it is indeed a dreamscape that is weaved. As such, Pratt deftly steers clear of linear tales. Songbirds sing “the darkest hour of the night,” and later: “the halfway blues hang on.”

In this light, Quiet Signs is an impressive reverie.

Jessica Pratt plays the Chapel tonight. Los Angeles-based Business of Dreams opens.

Jessica Pratt, Business of Dreams
The Chapel
April 30, 2019