Proud Bay Area native Jeanette Adranly, better known by her DJ alias, ClimaxXx, hit Austin’s SXSW festival for the first time this past March and girlllllll did she leave her mark.

Spinning for the dynamic duo of Andrezia and Plane Jane, two more Bay Area showstoppers, ClimaxXx turned heads every time she made her way to the tables. Whether it was her striking hairstyle or her conversation piece of an outfit, the Palestinian princess’ arrival was one you couldn’t help but acknowledge.

This local, vocal feminist is an in-your-face sweetheart who’s knocking down stereotypes and giving a new definition to the DJ title.

Born in Austin, bloomed in Oakland, Salihah Saadiq is a visual artist and photographer. As the daughter of a photographer, Salihah was raised around the art form. She earned her first photo credit in the sixth grade and has honed formidable skills since.