Flicks and Grooves SJ
The season of summer concert and film series is upon us, and in San Jose, one is shaping up to be worth the South Bay’s while.

Paired with the work of god-amongst-hipsters Wes Anderson, SJ Flicks and Grooves will present local bands playing in History Park, a spot that’s normally the domain of field-tripping elementary schoolers. Kicking off in May with Moonrise Kingdom on the 10th and Kiva Uhuru on the 31st, the series runs until October, setting up shop on the park’s Firehouse Green. Tickets are free for HSJ members, but just $5 for the general public.

The complete lineup is below. While you’re at it, grab a scoop at O’Brien’s, play with the antique printing press in the print shop, or see what’s on view in the galleries.

June 14: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
June 28: Steely Nash & the Cuts, Q&A

July 12: Rushmore
July 26: Aki Kumar

August 9: The Grand Budapest Hotel
August 30: Content Pick-Up Party with Le Vice, Ian Santillano & the Housewarmers

September 13: The Royal Tenenbaums
September 27: Valley Wolf, Marinero

October 11: The Fantastic Mr. Fox
October 25: TBD