Rob Jamner by Kersh Branz(photo: Kersh Branz)

In support of his new EP, Holding Stones, recording artist Rob Jamner has commissioned five video artists to create music videos that he hopes will be seen as “works of art to be in conversation with each other, standing on equal footing.”

Deviating from the standard format centering around the musicians, the videos based on Jamner’s music have the distinct fingerprint of another artist upon them, making each one a truly collaborative art piece — with Jamner trusting another to illustrate his work with such creative freedom. This celebratory vulnerability is telling of Jamner as an artist, and can be heard in the songs themselves: open, thriving works of singer-songwriter craft.

For “Holding Stones,” Jamner chose to work with San Francisco-based artist Andy Strong. Strong, a musician himself, was an excellent choice, as he embodies the connectivity needed to bring to life a project such as this.

Check out Jamner’s music at You can see him at the Ivy Room next month, too.