Local funk outfit More Fatter’s latest track continues their trend towards poppier tunes. “Silly Goose” chronicles some of the petty annoyances that come with relationships. Backed by gang vocals in the explosive pre-chorus, lead singer Márk Fédronic cheekily shouts “You know I like that Granny Smith / You always get that Fuji shit,” lamenting his partner’s subpar choice in apples. These moments of trivial frustration that burst from an otherwise soft and groovy song add texture and dichotomy to what would otherwise be a subdued effort.

This track does seem to be heavily influenced by artists like Chance and the Social Experiment, using nearly identical instrumentation and a similar blend of hip-hop, pop, and funk. More Fatter certainly takes themselves less seriously, and they include lyrics whose purpose are as much to amuse the band as their audience. “Silly Goose” has plenty of these moments, namely, the aforementioned fruit mix-up and a bordering-on-cheesy Apple Maps gag. If I had one critique, it’s that these playful lyrics can sometimes distract from the instrumentation of the track — the band is super-tight and they play off each other very well, and it’s a shame when that chemistry is overshadowed by other aspects of the music. These lyrics, however, do serve the ever-important purpose of keeping More Fatter fun which is, after all, what More Fatter is all about.

More Fatter will be supporting Jack Symes’ and Louiza’s album release show at Rickshaw Stop on April 18. Check below for more details.

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Jack Symes, More Fatter, Louiza
Rickshaw Stop
April 18, 2019
7pm, $15