Rosie Tucker by Shabnam Ferdowsi(photo: Shabnam Ferdowsi)

Los Angeles-based songwriter Rosie Tucker will headline a late show at Amnesia tomorrow night. Rosie Tucker’s new album Never Not Never Not Never Not was just released on March 8 via the New Professor label.

The album leads with “Gay Bar” and “Spinster Cycle,” two outstanding songs that set the tone for album. Rosie Tucker’s detailed songwriting and clever wordplay comes through especially strong on “Spinster Cycle.” Describing a late night at the laundromat as a metaphor for fading romance, this bop makes me shed at least one tear every goddamn time. Gorgeous stuff.

Subsequent singles “Habit” and “Lauren” serve as equally strong indie-rock jams, with Rosie Tucker overcoming the “bad habit” of holding their tongue and letting their personality shine throughout the album’s 11 songs. Some soft and reflective and others beaming with hope and confidence, Never Not Never Not Never Not is a record worth returning to. 2015’s Lowlight is also worth a listen.

The intricate, personal world of Never Not Never Not Never Not even spans to its unique album cover, a pile of yarn inspired by an enlightening creative exercise in the Oregon woods. The album’s climax “Pablo Neruda” draws its narrative from time spent in New York, while “Fault Lines” recalls a California climate.

Rosie Tucker (who uses they/them pronouns) recorded the album with collaborators including Anna Arboles, Jessica Reed, and Wolfy. The band recently performed in San Francisco as part of the Noise Pop festival, and are thankfully returning Friday night for those who missed out. Roselit Bone and Sarchasm will support the 21+ gig at Amnesia. Grab tickets here.

Rosie Tucker, Roselit Bone, Sarchasm
Amnesia SF
March 29, 2019
9pm, $7 (21+)