Wizard Apprentice is a genre-bending artist, writing personal electronic music that still keeps the audience at an arm’s length. Tieraney Carter, the woman behind the project, self-describes her music as “digital folk,” which does an excellent job conveying the dichotomy of intimacy and sterility in here music. Her new music video for “Betrayal Internalized” also walks this line. The viewer is relegated to a voyeur, someone whose gaze is unwanted yet inescapable. For the majority of the video, we’re watching Carter as if she doesn’t know she’s being watched. She carries out mundane activities in her room and, for the most part, hides her face. She constructs the audience as a character, forcing us to take part in her exposure. The final moments of the video show Carter inside a laptop screen, aware of her condition but remaining defiant.

The song itself takes heavy influence from other ambient works, but the addition of personal lyrics lends the track an almost danceable groove that is uncommon in ambient music. Everything is minimalist, but the stripped-down nature of the track ensures that Carter’s lyrics stay at the forefront. In the description, Carter says the song is about abusive relationships and the misguided and dissociating feeling of still wanting your abusive partner. Carter is writing music to process trauma to, taking us through recovery, relapse, anger and, finally, acceptance.

Carter is backed by Ratskin Records, local to Oakland, and Cruisin Records, an independent queer label based in Seattle. The track will feature on her upcoming album Dig a Pit, due out May 10, which you can pre-order here. She’ll be playing at Pro Arts in Oakland on March 24, the first show of a weeklong tour.

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Dig a Pit:
1. You Won
2. Desire to Learn
3. Gloves are Off
4. Betrayal Internalized
5. Exorcism
6. Dig A Pit

Hand Habits, Stephen Steinbrink, Wizard Apprentice
Swedish American Hall
March 23, 2019
7:30pm, $17.50

Wizard Apprentice + Tyler Holmes with special guests SB The Moor and Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt
Pro Arts Gallery
March 24, 2019
Show 8pm, $7-15