Mikos Da Gawd has finally dropped an album and he’s got damn near the entire Bay Area featured on it. Released on March 4 through Text Me Records, Hell Yeah, Brother! is lathered in the kind of bombastic hip-hop and slinky R&B the Bayview producer grew up listening to, added with the Mikos magic touch for silky melodies and bouncy, knocking drums.

Creating the album was an arduous journey for Mikos, who had to unlearn then re-learn again advanced music theories and techniques to perfect and precisely measure all the colorful complexities strewn throughout the album. He writes:

“The album represents growth, excitement, the pursuit of excellence. Pat came up with the name ‘Hell Yeah, Brother!’ after I made a joking tweet about it. As an Aries man, you’ll probably hear me saying the phrase at any point during the day. Most likely at 7am.

I want people to jam out, rock out, go stupid, fuck the club up, do a funky little dance, drink some coffee, smoke some dank, make a little love, and get down tonight. LMAO. Take this glorious sonic adventure with me. The possibilities of sound are endless, and I’m just trying to paint a picture. Shoutout every artist who I started working with on this project. Expect a lot more from us, as we are just getting started.”

Listen to Mikos Da Gawd’s “Hell Yeah, Brother!” album below and keep track of what he’s doing through Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.