Caroline Rose

On Thursday night, Bay Area locals Rose Droll, Los Angeles’ Superet, and the “sardonic synth pop” of Caroline Rose graced the stage of the Independent, playing to a packed crowd.

Each artist had unique stylings, but all were able to capitalize on the moment.

Rose Droll played a solo, stripped-down set, opting for a keyboard instead of deploying the experimental sounds and genres that colored 2018’s record, Your Dog. Despite forgetting the key for one of her songs, Droll laughed it off and carried through. Her performance made for an engaging interpretation of her more complicated production.

Los Angeles-based Superet brought their charisma front and center. Dressed in a slim black suit, lead singer Matt Blitzer led his quintet through a groovy set that recalled some of the best of the 1990s alt-rock. Flamboyantly dancing across the stage, Blitzer could easily have been mistaken for Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker, with the singing chops to match. Before finishing their set, they played a rousing cover of Blur’s “Girls and Boys.”

Last on the bill was Caroline Rose. Supporting 2018’s Loner, Rose and her band played up the caustic humor apparent throughout the record. Dressed in an all red outfit complete with a headband, Rose made jokes throughout her truly raucous performance.

“Shout out to San Francisco for being the gayest city on Earth,” Rose said early on.

The display of her acerbic wit felt far removed from her folk beginnings, and capitalist musings never felt more blaring than on set standout “Money.” Rose managed to navigate a number of pop stylings with ease. Don’t be fooled though, even the glossy cuts have weight. It was quite a fun ride into the heavy.