Illuminati Hotties
Noise Pop is in full swing.

On Wednesday (night three), Local bands Bobby, Soar, and the recently-featured quintet Club Night joined Illumnati Hotties at the Starline Social Club in Oakland.

Though a stacked bill, each band kept crowds energized well into the night.

Bobby opened the set with her guitar-driven pop. Following Bobby, SOAR — a local supergroup in their own right — played some earnest tunes, even stopping about midway through to wish bandmate Rebecca Redman a happy birthday.

The celebratory mood continued with a raucous showing from Club Night, who played a few songs from their upcoming record. Vocalist Josh Bertram led the band through its math-rock influenced songs that slowly revealed themselves through their carefully crafted arrangements. At times, the set felt like something you might catch at a Built to Spill show. You can call it art rock, but there were plenty of immediate moments throughout the set. Set to field recordings and fuzzy synths and modifiers, the band has a distinct mission statement that is buoyed by their clear dexterity and mastery of their craft.

Illuminati Hotties

Closing out the set were Club Night’s fellow labelmates Illuminati Hotties. Led by songwriter Sarah Tudzin, the band played a set full of songs from their debut record, Kiss Yr Frenemies. Though this implies the band is in their freshman state, Tudzin has a prolific resume as a sound engineer in Los Angeles, working with everyone from Porches and Mackelmore to Lady Gaga and Barbara Streisand. First intended as a reel of production work she could show potential clients, Tudzin had an epiphany to begin her own recording career.

That decision was a wise one, as Tudzin’s cachet has risen significantly since the album’s release in May 2018.

The songs on Kiss Yr Frenemies are sardonic, self-deprecating, despondent, and heartfelt. If those seem like discordant ideas, that’s kind of the point. Even when things get heavy, the record is just downright fun.

That liveliness was on full display as the band kept the crowd moving. Clad in what looked like what you might wear to soccer practice, the band had a joyful camaraderie as they combed through their set. Every band member had beaming smiles, and there was an exuberance present that felt truly genuine. When you name your band Illuminati Hotties, there’s more than enough room to be jocular, and Tduzin and company rose to the occasion.