Fans of the Brothers Comatose,  brace yourselves for “Old Technology,” the new track is the latest from singer/guitarist Ben Morrison. Additionally, Morrison will be performing a solo show at Bottom of the Hill as a part of the 2019 Noise Pop festival on Saturday, March 2.

In November 2018, Morrison wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising more than two and a half times a goal of $10,000 to fund his solo debut. “Old Technology” is the latest opportunity fans have to hear a polished cut from the to be titled release. Check it out below:

“The original idea from this song ‘Old Technology’ came to me when I was wandering through a Salvation Army store by my house,” says Morrison. “I got to the electronics section and saw all these old VCRs, tape players, Walkman/Discman things, big old TVs all with mangled chords and I thought to myself — ‘Who is gonna buy all this stuff?’ Technology is moving at such a rapid pace these days that the things we buy become obsolete so quickly and then what happens to it? Ends up in a landfill somewhere? Or on a Goodwill shelf for the rest of its life? Does it get gutted for its precious metals and the rest discarded?”

Similar to Ink Dust & Luck, the most recent full-length from the Brothers Comatose, Morrison’s solo album is being recorded to 2″ analog tape at the famed Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco. After recording the 2018 record with the Brothers Comatose in the same fashion, analog tape seems to be Morrison’s new preference.

“When you’re recording to tape, you don’t have those fine tuning details,” said Morrison. “You just have to play and sing your asses off in the studio. Sometimes you make mistakes but some mistakes can be cool. It adds humanness to a record and I love that. Perfection is sterile and crappy.”

Ben Morrison, Andrew St. James, Trebuchet, Television Spies
March 2, 2019
Bottom of the Hill
8:30pm, $14 (21+)