Kevin Patrick, better known by his stage name Field Medic, is a sentimental folk punk artist with deep roots in the Bay Area. Patrick leans heavily on personal lyrics and his new single “henna tattoo” is no exception. This song is the first we’ve heard off his upcoming album, fade into the dawn, which is due out April 19.

“henna tattoo” addresses impermanence and the fear of speaking insecurities into reality. Patrick’s greatest strength is his ability to sing honestly without making himself sound better than he is, and that strength creates a feeling of relatability that permeates all of “henna tattoo.”

Patrick will be supporting Haley Heynderickx on February 27 at her Noise Pop 2019 show at Swedish American Hall. Having seen Patrick live before, I can say with some authority that the personality of his music shines particularly well in a live environment. Relatively unaccompanied, Patrick can put a room under a spell with only recorded drum loops and his acoustic guitar. I think that’s a pretty impressive feat, and definitely one worth seeing live.

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Haley Heynderickx, KERA, Field Medic
Swedish American Hall
February 27, 2019
8pm, $12