Friday, February 8

Jay Stone @ Neck of the Woods
Read more about the local rapper’s journey in this week’s profile of him and his partner, Queens D.Light.

Balanced Breakfast Summit 2019 @ PianoFight
Wanna know more about navigating the independent music industry? Starting tonight, PianoFight hosts the Balanced Breakfast Summit, featuring panels from all your local faves on branding, tech tools, booking, and more.

Passionfruit Live with Ah Mer Ah Su @ Starline Social Club
Got a case of dancin’ feet? Head to Starline for a night of locally-grown indie pop and hip-hop from FR333 and Ah Mer Ah Su.

The Love-Birds @ Thee Parkside
Enjoy the sweet sounds of SF’s newest psych-inspired garage band, paired with local DIY contemporaries World Smasher and Bobby.

Elujay @ The New Parish
Elujay’s turned over a new leaf — one that finds him singing a lot more. Check out some of his new tunes over at the New Parish tonight.

Saturday, February 10

Hash Browns, The Incident @ Art Boutiki
Not familiar with the Incident? Get ready for a mesmerizing mash-up of Indian musical traditions and rock and roll, as only San Jose could do.

GRMLN, Total Bettys, Same Girls @ Cafe du Nord
Explore the rock side of the Text Me family with this lineup of punk, pop, and everything in between brought to you by those fine folks over at Different Fur.

Sunday, February 11

Daly City Rock and Roll Flea Market @ Pacelli Event Center
Sundays are made for flea market browsing. Make yours a little more musical with tunes from Surfer Joe, Frankie and the Pool Boys, and the kids from Three O’Clock Rock.