(photo: Louise Michel Jackson)

Efrim Menuck, known for founding Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, plays meandering and eerie music for the end of the world. His latest solo release, Pissing Stars (2018), is simultaneously similar to his other projects while also pushing past and incorporating new sounds. The opening track incorporates drones that evoke memories of some of the more ambient Godspeed tracks, but with a layer of harsh noise reminiscent of early Animal Collective.

As a whole, this album feels on the edge of collapse, more so than Menuck’s more post-rock related work. I’m excited to see him walk this line in a live setting, along with Kevin Doria of Growing, a drone band from New York. Menuck himself has always been an impenetrable figure, and getting to see live feels like a rare treat, like I’m breaking the rules.

Efrim Menuck + Kevin Doria, Earth Jerks, Adria Otte
Rickshaw Stop
February 3, 2019
8pm, $12