More Fatter(photo: Jewel Molejona)>/small>

In a world full of heavy, electronic dance tracks, it can be refreshing to turn to something that sounds more organic but doesn’t compromise any of the fun. More Fatter’s latest track “Yeah You” is the perfect breath of fresh air. It’s rare to find a song with traditional funk instrumentation that fits in your Friday-night-let’s-go-out playlist, but “Yeah You” seamlessly bridges the gap between classic funk and modern pop.

Lyrically, the song touches on themes of love and relationships. There’s an inherent melancholy to all love songs, a feeling that perhaps they’re too good to be true. For this reason, “Yeah You” doesn’t try to take itself too seriously, and the lyrics range from sentimental and sweet to cheeky and silly. I’ll save my speculation as Márk Fédronic, the band’s lead singer, broke down the song’s lyrics and his writing process in a post on the band’s Facebook page.

The track has influences from everywhere: catchy pop melodies with simple yet memorable lyrics soar over the groovy fusion of funk and hip-hop. Even without knowing the band’s history, it’s easy to hear that they’ve been playing together for a long time. Every part of the arrangement feeds off and complements the others so no one instrument feels like it’s taking center stage. The fact that More Fatter’s songs are so easy appreciate is great, but this lack of ego in their playing really makes you want to like this band.

“Yeah You” has me excited for future releases from More Fatter. They seem to be settling into a more produced, poppy sound than their previous releases, and it’s absolutely working for them. Wholesome bangers are hard to come by; cherish the ones that you can find.

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