There’s no more joyous moment in the life of a young indie fan than telling your friends that you’ve been listening to an artist since before they were famous, so here’s a freebie: Check out LILACS. Austin Corona, the 23-year-old Santa Cruz native and Berklee student behind LILACS., makes groovy indie pop music that fits in perfectly with the likes of Rex Orange County and the other bands that brought bedroom pop into the limelight in 2018.

Prior to the release of his debut EP Sweet Tooth (2018), I had a chance to interview Corona and talk about the LILACS. project. In that interview we chatted briefly about Subpar, Corona’s high school surf-punk band, who will be joining him at his homecoming show at the Crepe Place. LILACS. is decidedly less punk-rock than Subpar, but they both bring unique energies and will treat the audience to an incredibly condensed history of Corona’s musicianship. Both shows are in supremely intimate venues and will, I’m sure, be excellent. However, Corona’s hometown show won’t be one to miss.

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LILACS., Subpar, Dirt Buyer
The Crepe Place
January 14, 2019
9pm, $8 (Tickets only available at the door)

LILACS., Solomonophonic, Bad Visuals
The Hotel Utah Saloon
January 15, 2019
8pm, $10