8th Annual Bowie Bash

Friday, January 4

Steph Curry + Friends @ The Fox
When you’re talking about Steph Curry, those “friends” are the likes of Mistah FAB and E-40. This event is free, but we’re willing to bet the Fox will fill up.

Idle Joy, Killer Whale @ Amnesia
Tonight makes Idle Joy’s album release. Be on the lookout for an interview with the San Francisco band on the blog soon.

The 8th Annual Bowie Birthday Bash @ The Chapel
Today and tomorrow, celebrate the birth and life of David Bowie with covers, drag, burlesque, and more.

Springsteen Night with Rubber Tramp, John Courage, Bird Concerns @ Bottom of the Hill
Bottom of the Hill pays tribute to the Boss with a lineup of California bands.

Saturday, January 5

Provoker, Crisis Man, Toyota @ Eli’s
Dark, disjointed, and a little bit dystopian is the name of the game for Saturday at Eli’s, featuring Bay Area punk supergroup Crisis Man.

Ghost Peppers, Debased @ Neck of the Woods
Ease yourself back into a new year of music with some familiar tunes by this RHCP and Pixies cover band lineup (for you San Joseans, there’s also Smiths and Cure covers at the Ritz on Saturday).

Frantic Romantic, Exophonics @ Art Boutiki
The first Big Rock Show of the year gets underway at the Boutiki with this all-SJ lineup.

Sunday, January 6

Dangers, Fright, Hoy Como Ayer @ 1-2-3-4 Go!
We know it’s not very punk of us to recommend this, but you’re gonna want to bring earplugs for this no-mercy display of California punk rock.

War Cloud, Psychic Hit, Genuine Parts, Glowing Brain @ Bottom of the Hill
The Bay’s a great place for no-holds-barred rock and roll. Get your fix of guitar shredding with this Oakland-aligned lineup.