Travis Hayes
As part of our year-end wrap-up, we asked local movers, shakers, and music-makers from our community to contribute their favorite songs, moments, and memories from 2018. Today, musician Travis Hayes shares with us a playlist of the songs that made the biggest impression on him this year, featuring King Willow, Lords of Sealand, Jay Stone, and more.

Track Listing:
1. “Would It Kill You?” by Dead To Me
2. “In on the Joke” by Lauren O’Connell
3. “Little Meter Red” by Lords of Sealand
4. “Fiction” by Youngest of Elders
5. “Picture of You” by Television Spies
6. “First World Problem Blues” by King Dream
7. “Back in San Francisco” by Emily Afton
8. “Takin’ Your Word For It” by Goodnight, Texas
9. “I’m Ready” by Andrew St. James
10. “Flying Monkeys” by Jay Stone
11. “Lead Me Back to You” by Lapel
12. “Bay Dream” by Culture Abuse
13. “Slowmotional” by Reisender
14. “Like Water” by New Spell
15. “Rosetta Stone” by M. Lockwood Porter
16. “Die in Paradise” by Daydream
17. “Settled” by King Willow
18. “Sex & Sadness” by Madi Sipes & The Painted Blue
19. “Canary Yellow” by Deafheaven
20. “dock of the harbor” by Field Medic