Jesse Strickman Duo
Today, we’re bringing you a first look at the video East Bay songwriter Jesse Loren Strickman‘s sublime tune, “Life in a Box.”

As you might guess from the title, the tender track tackles the pressures of art and success and the nigh-impossible platitudes leveled at artists who want more — especially (we’re assuming) young people, and especially ones that in this region. The video you see here was produced by the Portland-based team at Shady Pines Media as part of their live music series In the Hollow.

Strickman’s played in several Bay Area bands before, but this year marks his first time performing under his own, singular name. He’s striking out on a pretty significant tour of California with his performance partner Josh Michael next month. No matter where you are in this state, chances are he’s coming to a venue near you.

Jesse Strickman Duo Tour Dates:
01/02 – Petaluma, CA – Lagunitas Brewing
01/04 – Sonoma, CA – Hopmonk Sonoma
01/05 – Sacramento, CA – The Silver Orange
01/06 – Petaluma, CA – Aqus Cafe
01/09 – Santa Barara, CA – Topa Topa Brewing Co.
01/10 – Morro Bay, CA – STAX Wine Bar
01/11 – Marysville, CA – Silver Dollar Saloon
01/12 – Ventura, CA – Sandbox Coffeehouse
01/13 – Ventura, CA – Topa Topa Brewing Co.
01/16 – San Luis Obispo, CA – Frog & Peach Pub
01/17 – San Luis Obispo, CA – Higuera Street Farmer’s Market
01/18 – Santa Cruz, CA – Bocci’s Cellar
01/19 – Morro Bay, CA – Morro Bay Wine Seller
01/20 – La Mesa, CA – Sheldon’s Service Station
01/21 – San Diego, CA – The Field
01/22– San Diego, CA – The Tipsy Crow
01/24 – San Diego, CA – Koi Zen Cellars
01/28 – Los Angeles, CA – Republic of Pie
01/31 – Bolinas, CA – Smiley’s Schooner Saloon & Hotel
02/01 – Hayward, CA – The Bistro