As a producer, Julia Lewis is known for his uber intricate, vibey productions oft employed by the local rap conglomerate searching for a more sophisticated sound. But add long-time collaborator Rexx Life Raj in his caption god form and the valentino viper Guapdad4000, and that’s a studio session that can only result in the playful hilarity featured in Julia Lewis’ latest single, “Outta Pocket.”

Raj and Guap are in full form, stringing together a through-line of tongue-in-cheek verses on the peaks and valleys of fame, flexing, and females. The two rappers’ humor claps on just being straight-up extra ridiculous (Guap: “Invite my friends that can’t dress so my outfit stands out.” Raj,:”Big n*gga sex symbol with the jelly, rub my dick then rub my belly.”), which rounds out and completes Julia Lewis’ bright and buoyant production. “Outta Pocket” is the latest release following a string of summer singles, “Live Fast Sleeping Slow” and “Pink and Blue”, with a new Julia Lewis EP is set to come soon.