With the shuttering of Los Angeles’ legendary Low End Theory in August, it’s comforting to know a like-minded spirit lives on and is recognized in the Bay Area through Oakland’s SMART BOMB. Championing the cross-pollination of heady, experimental sounds in hip-hop, the upcoming volume (volume 53) shines an especially bright light onto Queens D. Light, Jay Stone, plus newcomers, producer Heru and producer/rapper Demahijae.

Both Queens D. Light and Jay Stone have blessed 2018 with new albums. The hip-hop on Queens’ spiritually energetic Flavor of Green EP was produced by Monster Rally, the same producer who gave us Jay Stone’s stellar “Foreign Pedestrians” in 2015. But Jay is now back with a new record, Calibration of an Altered Mind and debuts his new set, complete with visuals, at SMART BOMB.

As for the newcomers, Heru is a producer out of San Francisco, armed with a true talent for transforming soul-sampling in his latest album, “cleanse.” Demahijae is a rapper and producer out of Oakland with fresh stories and musings on his newest project, “Ghetto Blessings.”

Jay Stone, Queens D. Light, Heru, Demahjiae at SMART BOMB
Legionnaire Saloon
November 17, 2018
9pm, $10