She and Him
Remember that moment in the mid-2000s when you — probably in class just before winter break, or dragged to the movies with your younger relatives over the holidays — saw Elf and were like, “Whoa, Zooey Deschanel can sing!”?

She’s getting back in the elfin spirit with a short string of Christmas shows in her musical project, She & Him.

Deschanel, best known as an actor in indie films like 500 Days of Summer and sassy sitcom New Girl, has been the “She” in She & Him for over a decade now. The “Him” is noted Portland musician M. Ward, and together they’ve released six records. Their first holiday album was released in 2011 and has entered the canon of modern Christmas classics. These shows mark the pair’s first live performances since 2013 — not just of their holiday material, but their entire catalog.

They’re only performing a very limited run of dates for these shows, and San Francisco is lucky enough to be smack in the middle. Put on your sweetest quirky-cute threads and attend the coolest holiday party you’ll be invited to this year. In fact, we have some tickets to give away to the San Francisco show below.

A Very She & Him Christmas Party
The Masonic
December 8, 2018
8pm, $40.50

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