FIDLAR at the Fox Theater, by Dariush Azmoudeh
FIDLAR (photo: Dariush Azmoudeh)

The Fox Theater, a beautiful Oakland venue with a light-up marquee outside and an elegant inside with golden carved trim surrounding the stage, is truly a work of art and architecture.

On stage, however, a plain white banner with the band’s name, in what looks like handwriting, hung. That band is FIDLAR, quite the opposite of elegant. They are loud, rowdy, and rough around the edges— but in a good way. The way rock music was intended to be.

A mix of surf, garage, and punk rock, the Los Angeles-based band brought a high-energy show to the crowd at the Fox Theater on Friday that included a female-only mosh pit and tree of shoes made on the bassist’s microphone stand from shoes that were thrown on stage. (The final count of on the shoe tree for the night was five shoes for anyone curious.)

The rowdy night was kicked off by Southern California’s the Side Eyes and Toronto’s Dilly Dally.

FIDLAR played a good range from their discography, and one song off of their upcoming album set to release in January. They also teased a possible label change after the next album is done.