When “Flying Monkeys” first came across our desks, we were hooked on to Jay Stone‘s ruminations and the classically hip-hop sound anchored by producer Micah Aza’s soul-sampling. The single was the first to emerge from Stone’s full-length album, Calibrations of An Altered Mind and leading up to the record’s much-anticipated release (Nov. 9!) we got our hands on the exclusive peek into his latest video, “Calibrating…”.

“Calibrating…” actually remixes the videos of Stone’s last two singles (“Flying Monkeys” and “Good Seat”) with the release of the audio single, “Told You” featuring Black Spade. From the start, the visuals and sound are distorted and glitchy. The music goes from its original BPM to sped up, then slowed down, almost like a nod to the chopped-and-screwed edits infamous in the Southern regions of rap.

The visual effects play along too, warping and warbling as the music videos pass through infrared cameras and an Instagram 35mm film filter. Once “Told You” enters the foray, your mind is already bent but the staccato piano keys instantly take the lead over a drum machine and twittering horn. “Told You” booms despite the open-spacing of its production and gives Stone room to paint a contemplative portrait which is satisfyingly visualized in the “Calibrating…” video and perhaps this all purposeful to Stone’s original idea to the album, as he says in the press release:

“This album is the process of acknowledging your conditioning and indoctrination of societal ideologies and beliefs, the eradication of these misconceptions and skewed perceptions, and the purging of an array of emotions through the recollection of events… This album is the calibration of MY altered mind, based on the experiences and thoughts that race through my conscious and subconscious minds.”

Give “Calibrating…” a listen below, plus catch the video screening and Jay Stone perform live at Smartbomb in Oakland on November 17.

Jay Stone at Smart Bomb
Legionnaire Saloon
November 17, 2018
9pm, $10 at the door