PSDS Pat at Parachute Days 2018, by Carolyn McCoy
PSDSP (photo: Carolyn McCoy)

Words by Carolyn McCoy

What is it about music that, more often than not, brings together a group of people to create a community?  Is it about the ancestral DNA links we have in our bodies that remind us that music and rhythm have been a part of the human condition since we lived in caves? Maybe. In any case, put on music and you now have a crowd of people congregating to listen.

Parachute Days, an ongoing outdoor seasonal festival series at Love Field in Point Reyes Station, has been creating community through music for a few years now. Parachute Days gets its name from the giant military parachute covering the structures and stage that are now permanent fixtures in this field that once housed sheep.

Gabe Korty, a Marin County native, founded Parachute Days in 2015 as an alternative to the large-scale festival experience that often harbored more partying than community. “I wanted to get away from the protocol “three-day music festival outside of society” idea, so I tried to create a space for events that were more integrated within the community on a regular basis,” states Korty. “We have hosted concerts with up to 900 people and it is amazing to see so many families and friends come together.”

Last weekend’s event was the final in this year’s summer series and the talent continued to rock people’s world while bringing them together. With a variety of genres slated for each festival, this one heralded psychedelic rockers The Asteroid #4, who blended ’60s folk rock with a modern day indie sound; ’70s hard rock came in the form of SF band Banquet; Marin vaudevillian wonders El Radio Fantastique brought their dramatic songs and dark lyrics, and local hard rockers Physical Suicide Deterrent System Project blew minds as they romped and stomped all over the nighttime stage to close out the night for this year’s festival series.

Kara Love, whose family owns the land Parachute Days in held on, is thrilled by the events on this land “We feel so grateful for this opportunity to bring our community of music and art lovers together in such a magical place.

The prior 2018 Parachute Days events have hosted amazing talent such as San Geronimo, Beso Negro, Soul Ska, Zigaboo Modeliste, Koolerator, Chris Robinson’s Green Leaf Rustlers, Blow, and Ross James. These events are social hubs for bringing together people from all over, and  Korty believes intensely in the value of Parachute Days within the general Marin community, “It feels like having these events gives us the ability to provide for our community and it really feels like something positive can grow from that.”