Since its opening this past summer, San Francisco gallery Family Affair has decorated its walls with eclectic, and often rare, collections featuring the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson, and Eric B. & Rakim. For its fall show, Family Affair curators announce Freaks of the Industry: Bay Area Hip-Hop Shot by B+ celebrating Brian Cross, better known as B+, as the region’s photographer and documentor throughout the underground hip-hop scene’s most lyrical and left field advent during the early ’90s through the 2000s.

Capturing artists such as Blackalicious, the Coup, Hieroglyphics, Living Legends, Souls of Mischief, and more, B+’s work became iconic as it donned album covers, record sleeves, and the pages of magazines such as Wax Poetics and Rap Pages. Consider Freaks of the Industry a hip-hop history lesson: A snapshot into the early days of Bay Area icons before their work transcended generations and genres.

Freaks of the Industry opening reception takes place on Thursday, October 18 and runs until November 17.

Family Affair presents FREAKS OF THE INDUSTRY: Bay Area Hip-Hop Shot by B+ Opening Reception
Family Affair
October 18 (Exhibit ends November 17, 2018)
8pm, Free