You probably already know this but this weekend is the Treasure Island Music Festival. We’ll be there and we’re hoping you will be too. We’re excited for all the acts including duo Gilligan Moss who’ll be kicking off the entire festival right at noon. Not familiar with them? You still got time to catch up on their work. We had a chance to chat with both Ben Cronin and Evan Dorfman, the two behind Gilligan Moss. Brush up on your knowledge then dance out to their music tomorrow!

The Bay Bridged: You guys just kicked off a new tour a few days ago. So far, how’s it been? You guys are coming to the Treasure Island Music Festival too. How familiar are you with this festival?

Ben Cronin: The tour has been really great. We’ve been lucky to tour with a great team of characters and the audiences so far have been very high energy. It’s great to be able to try out our new songs and have people be so receptive to that. We’re so excited to take what we’ve been doing in dark venues and play it out on a beautiful afternoon at TIMF. We’ve never been to TIMF, but it seems like the perfect-sized festival. As someone who finds the monster festivals overwhelming, this festival seems like a lovely way to spend a weekend without the mud and hoards that usually come with festivals.

TBB: Who are you looking forward to seeing or even meeting backstage, if the chance arises, during the festival?

BC: Maybe Kevin Parker? I had a horrifyingly embarrassing moment meeting him a few years ago in a hotel lobby in Portland where my introduction and praise came off as ultra-stalkerish, so it would be great to redeem myself.

TBB: What are some things you do just before heading out on tour to get prepared?

BC: We usually rehearse until the last minute! We’re constantly trying different song variations and tweaking the engineering behind them, so generally, we rehearse until zero-hour and then rush to get ready. Spiritually though, a haircut and a good meal are important to get before leaving Brooklyn.

TBB: What has been the most significant change now that you two are together onstage as Gilligan Moss, versus formally being a solo project for Evan and Ben being the tour manager? How have you guys changed your setup since then?

Evan Dorfman: Since Ben joined on before the first tour we’ve been playing together. We have changed around a lot of the mechanics of how our live set runs, and we’ve sculpted a lot of the songs into different versions of themselves for the stage. We’ve learned a lot by playing in a Seussian index of venues…Small ones, big ones, loud ones, quiet ones…We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to playing our songs.

TBB: In a previous interview, you’ve mentioned wanting to bridge the gap between club music, pop music, traditional music, etc. Do you think you’ve reached that goal or is this something you’re steadily working on?

BC: It’s a constant goal! We talk about it all the time, probably too much. The bridge between those genres hasn’t been built in a way that we love, so right now it’s a love of trial and error. We listen widely and write a ton and hopefully, someday we will arrive there. Although maybe it would be boring if we ever got too comfortable with our writing process? Idk, time will tell. I think our audience is the best judge.

A haircut and a good meal are important to get before leaving Brooklyn.

TBB: Congrats on What Happened? For either of you, while working on What Happened? together, what is something you learned about yourself that you wouldn’t have realized while working alone?

BC: Thanks! I think each of us probably have learned about our strengths and weaknesses as writers together mostly. Also, it’s taught us a lot about communication and creative partnerships…Which are very similar to any kind of good relationship. We each have our own tastes and ideas and the music really hits when we can bring both of our skill sets together and sift through them together.

TBB: Although the EP just dropped about a month ago, what’s the likelihood of a debut album coming into play? If not debut album, will we be getting more remixes before the year is over?

BC: We certainly have some pots on the stove right now. We love albums, so yes, definitely. Maybe another EP first? Not entirely sure yet. As for remixes, we have a few coming out in the next couple weeks, and then we have written a few remixes for other artists that we are extremely excited to share too. We have prepared the content cannon for launch!

Gilligan Moss plays Saturday at noon on the City stage.

Treasure Island Music Festival: Tame Impala, A$AP Rocky, Santigold and more
Middle Harbor Shoreline Park
October 13 + 14, 2018
12pm, $185