The Sh8peshifterZakiya Harris’ biomythographical ‘Embedded’ event takes place Thursday, October 11, at the Starline Social Club in Oakland.

Zakiya Harris, better known across the Bay Area music scene by her stage handle the Sh8peshifter, will be hosting a multimedia cultural journey in three acts at the Starline Social Club in Oakland tonight, October 11, 2018.

Entitled Embedded, each section will focus on key moments in Harris’ journey from infancy to where she stands now. Traversing a hero’s journey, Embedded is a multidisciplinary ritual performance project that fuses music, prose, and movement to explore how Afrofuturism, art, and technology can be useful as tools for cultural and spiritual resistance. Through the use of generative art pieces and interactive digital-art experiences, Embedded recreates a new “living” system to disrupt the status quo.

Earlier in 2018, Harris released a new six-song EP titled After Darkness. The artist was inspired by “the death of Sandra Bland and an ode to little black girls like my 12-year-old daughter. I wanted her and others like her to see Black Women represented as the highest expression of life, which is God.”

Check out the lead single from that project, “ABRACADABRAKAAFRIKA,” below.

According to Harris, being a Sh8peshifter means “that you are living authentically, bringing your gifts and talents to the world. We are in the midst of the greatest paradigm shift of our time. We’re watching literally every system from real estate to the government fall. The world is shifting and we have to shift as well. I want listeners to feel inspired to be part of that shift, part of that movement.”

Embedded consists of 12 songs in three acts — “Raw,” “The Odyssey,” and “The Reprise” — employing video, still imagery, voiceover, and other techniques to document Zakiya’s personal narrative.

The Embedded Experience: A special show with Zakiya Harris and guest Nina Sol
Starline Social Club
October 11, 2018
8pm, $15