The Stone Foxes - Gimme Some Truth
We’re sending you into the weekend with some new music that has an old message: Vote!

You might recognize “Gimme Some Truth” from your parents’ record collection: originally recorded by John Lennon in 1971, the Stone Foxes got ahold of it as a live song, featuring a trade-off between vocalists Shannon Koehler and Vince Dewald. But when time came to record it, they called on a cavalcade of Bay Area music stars: Kelly McFarling, Ziek McCarter, Ben Morrison, and AhSa-Ti Nu. The result is a pretty spot-on cover with a Foxy twist — a slightly quicker pace and a bluesy backing that matches the more urgent feel of today’s discourse.

Proceeds from the sale of this single will go to HeadCount, a project that works with musicians to spread the word about voter registration. Take a listen, and make sure you’re ready for your next election.

The band also recently announced some lineup changes — you can see the Stone Foxes’ current iteration, for what’s likely the last time, next weekend at Slim’s.

The Stone Foxes, Tango Alpha Tango
October 13, 2018
8pm, $20