Does it get any better than this?

The Make Out Room is throwing one hell of a party this Sunday and you should be there. Three local legends on the best stage in SF (and you will still get to bed on time).

1. Anna Hillburg! Be the first on your block to grab the long-awaited, brand-new record Really Real, and check out her new video “I Can’t Get Free” below.

2. Swiftumz! Everybody loves Chris, but Swiftumz don’t play often enough, making Chris McVicker a true cult icon.

3. Pat Thomas! Pat of Cool Ghouls fame is playing a rare solo show. His second batch of solo recordings, I Ain’t Buying It, will be released at the end of October (his first solo recordings in five years!).

Anna Hillburg, Swiftumz & Pat Thomas
The Make Out Room
September 30, 2018
7pm, $8