(Left to Right: Bassist Mike DeVito, guitarist Tyler Valentino, drummer Otto Janes, and vocalist/guitarist Taifa Nia outside of Same Girls’ practice studio in Oakland. photo: Dariush Azmoudeh)

You can listen to Same Girls‘ upcoming release a few days early by catching the band at the Milk Bar on Wednesday, or you can do it below. Otherwise, Young Minded can be listened to in full on all platforms on Friday.

The Oakland-based band would call Young Minded more of a mixtape than an album. Lead vocalist and guitarist Taifa Nia described it as a compilation of several songs that aren’t necessarily cohesive, but encompass tracks written from 2013 until last year. “They are songs we came up with at the time period that resembled the different vibes we were going for,” he said.

At the time of the recording, the band was without a regular bassist, which led Nia and drummer Otto Janes to alternate on bass. Along with longstanding guitarist Tyler Valentino, the band is now complete with Mike DeVito joining on bass and contributing to the band’s upcoming projects.

Just a few days away from the release of Young Minded, Same Girls have already started working on their next project, which the band said will be a better representation of where their music is right now. The goal is a 2019 release, but you can catch glimpses of their future music at the band’s upcoming shows.

Same Girls, The Stereo Eclipse, The Lost Eyes, DartAjax
Milk Bar
September 19, 2018
8pm, $10 (21+)