(photo: Josh A Katz)

Ever since their 2011 formation, Oakland instrumental rockers Cash Pony have been throwing metal, prog, and Eastern musical elements into a giant brick oven until they’ve melted into one big pizza. Want some sweet sitar ragas that you can still bang your head to? Grab a slice.

Their new album Roughhousing comes out in November. For those who can’t wait for the main course, check out their cover of Dave Brubeck’s bebop classic “Blue Rondo” below for a delicious little appetizer. Drummer and pizza enthusiast Gabe Katz explains why they tackled the jazz classic:

“I always thought it kinda sounded like a Cash Pony song and I pushed it as a cover since I joined the band. We thought it would sound cool with the sitar. We definitely took the jazz out of it, but also tried to capture its existing energy while putting our own flavor on top. The new album is going to be all originals. But we did a Dave Brubeck cover as a single so our dads still think we’re cool haha. “