Ryan van Gonten

Like so many before him, Ryan Von Gonten moved to the Bay Area and shortly thereafter dove into creative work.

Ryan Von Gonten (not actually his name, but an alias) had spent his early artistic years working with musicians like Lomelda, Molly Burch, and members of the Walkmen. After moving from Texas to Oakland, he got to work. The result is the ethereal Truthlikeness, an excellent match for the gray coastline that graces the record’s cover. Beautiful in craft but clouded over with a sense of hesitation, the album wanders its way across a series of muted scenes.

Truthlikeness is out today on Glasgow’s Human Noise Records. You can see him locally in a few weeks in his chosen home of Oakland.

Ryan Von Gonten, Little Arcs, Jana Horn, Ziplock
The Octopus Literary Salon
October 6, 2018
9pm, $8