Ellisa Sun(photo: JJ Casas)

Up until recently, Ellisa Sun’s base of operations was right here in the Bay Area. That was until she and her partner, percussionist Ken Michienzi, decided to purchase a recreational vehicle. They left the conventions of a residential address behind in favor of a life on the road touring. It’s a romantic gesture, unmooring oneself and setting sail. That sentimentality that courses through Sun’s life bleeds out into her work as a singer-songwriter. She sometimes presents as this idyllic spirit, sometimes as the infinitely downtrodden. However, she is always — always — passionate.

Her new EP, Just a Little More, is a testament to her craft. A balance of storytelling and song, Sun takes us through the conception a new relationship, highs and lows, in five very memorable tracks. Her sound has been compared to Amy Winehouse, Adele, Sara Bareilles, but I’m going to argue that there’s a little bit of Lily Allen in there, too. Not in the timbre of her voice, but in the coy mischievousness that peppers the album. If Sun’s style could be summed up in one gesture, it would be a sly smirk. Like Allen, she’s too much of an original to be fit into one box.

A self-produced EP, Sun acknowledges that there’s a lot of fortune factored into aligned all the elements to make her the new record happen. “My band and I have a chemistry that only comes once in a lifetime. And in the Bay Area, where everyone is hustling to make rent and juggle 10 different jobs at once, it’s hard to keep everyone together to focus on a project. That’s’ why I am so excited about this EP: all of us put our heart and soul into it simply for the love of the music.”

A great blend of soulful arrangements, Sun’s music entices the listener to fall in love, too.

Sun is set to release a new single, “Just a Little More” on September 13, 2018 followed by a new EP of the same name on September 21, 2018. For more information, visit the artist’s website.