Season of the Crow
We don’t talk about the Bay Area’s metal scene enough. Trends come and go, but Bay Area metal stays strong. Going back to at least the ’80s, San Francisco and the surrounding area have served as a haven for hard rock and genres like it, and that remains true to this day.

If you’re unfamiliar, there’s a show coming up at Bottom of the Hill that serves as a solid introduction to the local metal scene. Season of the Crow, a six-year-old band formed by Bay Area residents with roots around the world, is releasing a new album, Let It Fly, with help from fellow locals Sistersound and Arkaen. Season of the Crow has a traditional rock sound with traces of their global lineage — a great way to easy yourelf into the heavier side of local music if that isn’t typically your thing. Season of the Crow will also be hosting bassist Mike LePond of Symphony X, who assisted on the album.

Season of the Crow, Sistersound, Arkaen
Bottom of the Hill
September 13, 2018
8:30pm, $10 (21+)