The Dodos - Photo by Andy De Santis

San Francisco psych rockers the Dodos, a collaboration between guitarist Meric Long and percussionist Logan Kroeber, recently announced their seventh studio release, Certainty Waves. The album is due out October 12 via Polyvinyl Records.

The album’s title reflects the idea that what once seemed so certain will likely prove not to be in the future. That any once-perceived certainty was only a wave passing by. “Certainty Waves is our midlife crisis record,” says Long. “Who we thought we were, how mistaken we were, how an interference in the trajectory can flip your understanding of what came before.”

Certainty Waves finds the Dodos going back to their Visiter roots, embracing the unlimited possibilities of a time when there were no preconceptions of what the band should sound like. The duo forgot everything they knew about what previously defined them and quit worrying about the ‘right’ guitar to drum ratio. What began to emerge from the band’s rehearsals felt new and different, yet somehow still fundamentally themselves.

“It completely surprised me how much electric guitar is on that record,” reveals Long. “The narrative had always been we were just acoustic guitar and drums.”

This realization inspired Long to revisit demos they had been working on, allowing the songs to take form. “Rather than thinking about the end result or considering the reaction of the listener, I tried to give in to gut reactions, first impulses, however silly or untrue to form they may be,” says Long. “If it was exciting in any way, we pursued it without hesitancy or question.”

Check out the new video for the lead single from the record, “Forum,” below. What do you think? On the heels of the 10th anniversary shows for 2008’s Visiter, they seem to have a newfound energy.

“Forum” is packed deep with a fanfare-esque synth intro, thumping drums, trumpet bursts and a fist-pumping tempo, it is also undeniably new. The accompanying music video was directed by Joe Baughman, released first via Apple Music.

On the new album’s drop date, October 12, the band will kick off a nationwide tour at The Independent. Los Angeles based Prism Tats will open in support of their latest record, Mamba. Trust me, don’t sleep on Prism Tats, and make sure you arrive early. When they opened for Nada Surf at the Great American, I instantly became a fan of their new age throwback to punk rock.

The Dodos, Prism Tats
October 12, 2018
The Independent
9pm, $20/25 (21+)