(photo: Shervin Lainez)

Mellow indie-rockers the Dig just moved out to LA from Brooklyn and recently announced a new single, “Say Hello To Allison.” The band will also be undertaking a brief housewarming tour of their new coast in November, beginning on Thursday, November 15, at the Chapel.

Check out the new song below:

“During the summers in Bushwick, near our old house on Schaefer St., there was an ice cream truck that would drift through the neighborhood summoning the residents with it’s trademark jingle,” said Erick Eiser, keyboardist/guitarist for the Dig. Eiser continued:

“One day, as I was walking home from the Family Dollar to pick up some food for the owls, I saw a group of middle school aged children dancing around the ice cream truck. It occurred to me that they were having a gosh darn hoot and that we should try and preserve this moment in a song. Shortly after, Alison was born. The song is an homage to the ice cream truck jingle and the dancing kids on Schaefer St.”

“Say Hello To Allison” is the third single from the Dig’s upcoming EP Afternoon With Caroline, which is due on October 19 via Roll Call Records. It is the literal B-side to their most recent EP, Moonlight Baby. Together, the two sets form one half of an upcoming 12″ LP called El Dig. Each song has been released as a unique single with its own unique album art. The 12″ record will come with inserts containing each single’s art, so you can be sure to display your favorite cover art at all times.

“If there’s one thing that ties the two EPs together it’s that all the songs are about moving,” the band announced. “Moonlight Baby is about moving because you’re forced to. A sudden shift in your reality without any advanced notice or preparation. Afternoon With Caroline is about moving of your own free will. Chasing ambition, following your heart and breaking free of toxic situations.”

The band’s four-date West Coast run begins at the Chapel on November 15 with support from Cones. The trek ends two weeks later at The Sunset in Seattle on November 29, with stops at the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles (11/16) and Portland’s Doug Fir Lounge (11/28) in between.

The Dig, Cones
The Chapel
November 15, 2018
8pm, $15