The Honorary Title
Think about this, guys: 2007 was officially A Long Time Ago. We had long bangs and chunky highlights. We were all watching Lost — and doing it week by week instead of over the course of one lazy weekend. A senator named Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President.

In independent music news, we also saw the last album from the Honorary Title, an alternative band formed in Brooklyn, during the earliest part of its come-up from sleepy borough to ultra-cool address. Breaking through in 2004 with their album Anything Else But the Truth, they soldiered on for a few years until disbanding in 2009, after releasing just two records.

However, fans have never really forgotten them — their sound evokes an entire five-year span of pop-punk, with pleading vocals and upbeat guitars, not always reaching a chorus. So, like a lot of their ’00s indie-rock stars, they’re getting the band back together — literally — to perform a classic album for fans from back in the day. At August Hall on August 24, they’ll be playing their debut, Anything Else But the Truth, from front to back for fans old and new.

Opening is modern Oakland indie band Sun Valley Gun Club — a direct musical descendant of bands like Honorary Title — for a night that’s sure to make you think of your freshman dorm room and all the shenanigans that went down to the sound of bands like Honorary Title.

The Honorary Title, Sun Valley Gun Club
August Hall
AUgust 24, 2018
8:30pm, $24

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