There’s usually two ways to go about a breakup: Hit rock bottom or bounce back, and thankfully, Janel Marisse chose the latter. After the lead single from her Memoirs EP was picked up by Samsung for a nationwide commercial, Marisse actually stepped away from music, a move coinciding with her need to leave a debilitating relationship. Taking some time to recoup and transform that experience into her art, Marisse returns with a new perspective told through her latest DTB-produced song, “Closet of Lies.”

She confronts betrayal and deceit, but the song’s core focuses more on Marisse’s renewed outlook on self-worth and no longer settling for less. She sings, “Your best choice was right here / It’s better to let go now / The case was so, so near / So I didn’t have a choice but / Sorry to let you go / but I’m not so sorry.”