Tony Molina

Tony Molina — formerly of Ovens and Caged Animals — recently released three tracks from his upcoming solo album Kill the Lights. And, if the first releases from the album are any indication, it’s shaping-up to be quite a departure from his noisy, 2013 project Dissed and Dismissed.

The prolific Bay Area songwriter has always worn his influences on his sleeve. But, he’s so good at wearing them that we’re ok with the idol worshiping. His 2016 EP Confront the Truth is an homage to 60’s era pop — especially to the Beatles — and while these new songs continue down that path, he’s getting better at weaving those influences into something new. “Nothing I Can Say” sounds like a lost British Invasion hit, with its “The Kids Are Alright”-era guitar jangles and harmonies reminiscent of the Rolling Stones. And, on “Jasper’s Song,” Molina is sounding more like himself than ever before, melding the distorted guitar tones of his early works with driving country twang.

Kill the Lights will be released on vinyl, compact disc, and streaming services on July 27th by the Oakland-based label Slumberland Records.