Poster by Hannah James Knight

Oakland-based noise rock/no-wave artists The Acharis are embarking on a European tour, but will first entice the audience at Elbo Room (new Jack London location) tonight to get “lost in the vortex” with them. Shaun Wagner and Mila Puccini of The Acharis cite Mazzy Star, Pixies, and Sonic Youth, amongst their main musical influences, though their own sound is anything but derivative.

By blending various genres and reshaping musical structures to mirror the at-times blurred reality of existence, they have concocted a sound that places them in their own category altogether. Their recently released music video with Goth Horse Records for “A Room with a View,” from their 2017 album Lost in the Vortex, conveys their intrigue in otherworldly elements and the dichotomy between life and death.

Topographies, Sex Park, The Acharis
July 16, 2018
Elbo Room, Jack London
8pm, $10