Madeline Kenney(photo: Cara Robbins)

Oakland’s Madeline Kenney is shaping up to be one of the most prolific artists in the Bay. On the heels of last year’s Night Night at the First Landing comes another full-length, Perfect Shapes. Expect it out October 5 on Carpark Records.

Produced by Wye Oak‘s Jenn Wasner — her first production job for another artist — Perfect Shapes builds on the looping, sustained sounds of Night Night. Kenney is currently touring with Wye Oak, and you can see her locally at the Independent on the 17th and Starline on the 18th.

To start, watch the exuberant video for “Cut Me Off” below. Not only a taste of her new musical direction, the video serves as a strong reminder that one of Kenney’s past artistic lives was “dancer.”

Wye Oak, Madeline Kenney
The Independent
July 17, 2018
8pm, $22 (21+)

Wye Oak, Madeline Kenney
Starline Social Club
July 18, 2018
7pm, $25