Sasami at The Independent, by Kaiya Gordon
Sasami (photo: Kaiya Gordon)

“Let it Bleed,” Sea Witch Productions’ yearly “rock and roll tampon drive,” is special — not just because it’s designed to collect tampons for houseless people in San Francisco, or that Sea Witch’s zine is available for purchase at the show, but because the lineup is filled with innovative performers both from the Bay Area and beyond.

This year, Humid, Kera (of Kera and the Lesbians), Empath, and Sasami took the stage. While the artists performed through hazed, swirling visuals (created by hand, using glass plates, dye, and a projector), Sea Witch collected menstrual products to donate to San Francisco’s Compass Family Services.

Frankly, it was the best show I have ever been to at the Independent, a venue I usually avoid for its general lack of accessibility. Last Saturday, however, I was glad to be there — to be in a crowd which hushed for each performer, to take photos through the colored light, and to witness the depth and deftness of four artists I admire.