Anthony Anzaldo

Small talk is weird. We all have this silently agreed upon conversational shorthand to pin our daily interactions on because even as adults, let’s face it — we are all radioactive spike balls of defense mechanisms. We all want connection but our efforts to communicate socially with peers is rarely able to crack the surface to get to the warm, gooey insides. But maybe that’s what we really need right now: to lower our defenses and try to connect with each other on a deeper level. Anthony Anzaldo from the seminal Bay Area hardcore band Ceremony did us all a favor and compiled all of “The 100 Most Boring Things To Say” into a book.

“12. Everything But Rap and Country.”

“14. The word ‘moist’ grosses me out.”

“82. I’m not into new rap. I only like Old School Hip-Hop.”


According to his Anzaldo’s website: “We have spent years interviewing the world’s most prolific minds to help us compile this chronological list of unimaginative sayings. “100 Boring Things” is not just a piece of social satire, but it also acts as a self-help book. The less you express these 100 things the better person you, and those around you, will be.” Snag a copy from First Letter Press here or at his show this Wednesday in San Francisco.

The Rememberables, Anthony, Black Sage, Mothball
The Honey Hive
July 11, 2018
6:30pm, $10