While R&B has long been a gender-inclusive genre for the exploration of deep emotional themes, in recent years, the queens seem to be taking over the throne of contemporary R&B with the rise of artists like Kehlani and SZA. As a result, it feels like the perfect time for Bay Area singer/songwriter Samaria to drop her latest single “Foolish.”

It’s been a hot minute since Samaria dropped her last major project, a short film titled “The Story of Right Now.”

The 22-year-old Bay Area native has been working to redefine herself in the changing music scene. With her social media pages recently getting more active, Samaria seems to be getting ready to put out a lot of new music.

Some of the newest themes she’s working with are vintage visuals and washed-out landscapes in her teasers and videos. One look at her Instagram will tell you that she’s definitely on to something big.

“Foolish” is just a small taste of what Samaria is cooking up, but it’s just enough to tell us that she’s coming back with a lot to look forward to.