A trifecta of feel-good sounds is coming to Moe’s Alley tonight, Tuesday, June 19, 2018. The night features Santa Cruz original boostive at the intimate and rambunctious venue, offering a sure-fire way to cruise into the middle of the week.

The show will open with the seven-member Los Angeles band TV Broken 3rd Eye Open. With a difficult-to-pigeonhole sound, TV Broken combines psychedelia-infused afro funk, jazz, groove, Indian, folk, blues, and even spaghetti western circus cabaret. While they’re kicking off the Santa Cruz show, the group is headlining most of their nearly dozen dates with boostive this month.

As if the unique sonic landscapes they provide weren’t enough, an indissoluble piece of the band’s live experience is the accompanying visuals. Every show involves a customized 3D projection mapping stage, comprised of four 15-foot tall totem poles of broken TVs and a giant third eye. This show will be different from the last and even the next one, integrating stunning visuals of sacred geometry and psychedelic imagery for a visual display you won’t want to miss.

Second on the bill are the Rainbow Girls, a local favorite that has spent the last five years performing in and around the Bay Area wherever they could be heard. As a trio, Erin Chapin, Caitlin Gowdey and Vanessa Wilbourn operate in equally unique and cohesive tandem. With lofty soul, jazz and funk backgrounds, these Americana folk musicians have traded harmonies, instruments and laughs while busking the streets and playing living rooms across Europe and the United States.

boostive will close the evening. Growing from a signature reggae vibe, the band’s live-band brand of instrumental trip-hop and classic hip-hop breaks are nuanced, with a varied horn section and guest vocalists.

A Santa Cruz-born artist collective, the band has relocated to San Diego, but that’s not to say they have lost their love for their former home. The group was most recently in town for a headline performance at the Civic Auditorium during the Santa Cruz Music Festival in March.

Check out boostive’s most recent music video for the song “Boo Wop”, featuring guest vocalist and frequent collaborator, Lindsay Olsen.

boostive, Rainbow Girls, TV Broken 3rd Eye Open
Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Moe’s Alley (Santa Cruz)
8:30PM,  $7/$10, 21+