Ah Mer Ah Su Star album cover

Last year, Ah Mer Ah Su — the musical identity of Oakland’s Star Amerasu — released one of the year’s best EPs, Rebecca, featuring the heartbreaking “Klonopin.” Her newest single, “Heartbreaker,” is more upbeat, but certainly has a little melancholy alongside the ultra-catchy electronic pop.

“Heartbreaker” comes from the forthcoming album Star, which was produced by Peaches collaborator Vice Cooler. Amerasu discussed the upcoming album’s themes in a recent interview with Paper:

The whole album is really an exploration of what it means to be Black, trans, femme, and young, and having real problems. I think the problem is that so many people focus on us dying. Of course trans women are dying across the world, but I’m like, yes, we’re dying, but while I’m afraid of that, I’m also having a real life, and going through changes and experiencing love and losing love and what that feels like. It’s important to have those narratives, too. We’re more than just our sexuality or gender identity. We are people who live life.

Star will be released by Dero Arcade on July 27.