While there are plenty of new releases to reckon with on the national front, make sure you save headspace for all the great local projects coming out.

Take San Francisco singer Bobbi Rohs‘ new EP itsjusttheletterb, released last Saturday on Text Me Records. Though it’s tempting to label her future-R&B á la Kelela, her versatility as a singer proves she could take things in many different directions. Rohs sounds equally comfortable crooning over 4 on the floor, mid-tempo dance tracks like “A to B” as she is on the moody, piano-laced slow-burner “Goosebumps.” Perhaps the real standout track here is “Out of This World,” her powerful voice rising over the swirling, ambient wash like a lighthouse on a stormy night.

The EP — or are we calling 7-track projects albums now? — is the follow up to her 2017 record Hideaway. Whether she becomes a dance diva like Donna Summer or an electronic connoisseur like Jessie Lanza, I’m looking forward to hearing where Rohs takes us next.

Listen to the project below, or on your favorite streaming service.