(Design: Sida Lee)

On June 1, post-punk indie rockers Greater Sirens will release their debut full length album, Unnatural Causes. Blending twin bass guitars, toy keyboards, and percussion that pops with precision, Greater Sirens have created a multifaceted album that floats across the periphery of ’80s new wave, while remaining grounded in modernism.

The band’s founder, Greg Andresen, engineered and produced Unnatural Causes, and experimented with the eerie side of pop cut with a post-punk edge, evolving into a sound that can be enjoyed in a variety of settings. Unnatural Causes will consistently surprise its audience by unveiling myriad layers with each listen.

Support these San Franciscans throughout the Bay this summer:

June 1 – Oakland, CA – The Uptown
June 23 – Oakland, CA – Soundwave Studios
June 29 – Oakland, CA – Stork Club
July 21 – San Francisco, CA – Make Out Room
August 3 – Albany, CA – Ivy Room
August 29 – San Francisco, CA – Milk Bar