Brewing down in the San Jose music scene, synth-rock group Dogcatcher is releasing their newest single “SRM (Stark Raving Mad),” featuring a verse from Bay Area rapper Gift of Gab on June 1. They’ll be celebrating that night with a concert at the the Art Boutiki, with Oakland’s Forrest Day, and an opening set by Greysmith.

“SRM” was inspired by lead singer and guitarist Andrew Heine’s come-up story. He’s an Iraq War veteran who fought during the mid-2000s. Once he got out of the service, he tried to make the transition from marine to musician. Trying to make it as an artist in San Diego wasn’t an easy road for him, but instead more of an uphill climb.

“I was riding the wagon till the wheels came off. I could have asked other people for money, but I didn’t, not when I was trying to do music and art full time,” Heine said.

He eventually made his way to the Bay Area in 2011, bringing with him a song he wrote before traveling up here. The song was “SRM.” Andrew wrote it as he reflected on his experiences of homelessness and other personal struggles.

Dogcatcher recorded the song, then afterwards, saw that rapper Gift of Gab of the group Blackalicious was freelancing verses.

Jared Milos, the band’s bassist, reached out to the rapper for a verse on “SRM.” Expecting to receive a pre-recorded verse, Dogcatcher was pleasantly surprised when Gift of Gab wanted to lay down his lines in the studio with them.

“I thought he would probably have a basic recording setup at home, and would just email us a track,” Milos said. “Once he started tracking, we were totally blown away at how his lyrics perfectly lined up with the themes of the song.”

Dogcatcher, Forrest Day, Greysmith
Art Boutiki
June 1, 2018
7:30pm, $12.50